Hosting and IT Infra

We help organizations and individuals harness the power of cloud computing on our servers. We offer varied plans for our clients based on the hosting requirements to ensure the costs are optimised.

Cloud Hosting

We provide services like Domain Name Registration, Domain Name Renewal, and Transfer Domains. We provide new ways to enhance the value of your domains. We can provide a dedicated and Cloud-based offering to give the right fit solution for your requirements to hosting.

We provide services like:
  • Configuration Management & Security

  • Server Installation & Configuration

  • Optimization & Fine Tuning

  • Readiness Assessment

  • License Management

  • Performance Monitoring & Capacity Planning

  • Usage accounting

  • Installation, Configuration & Management of Security Infrastructure

  • Security and System Administration

  • Upgrades & Software Distribution

  • Platform Migration & Up-gradation

  • Formulate Cloud Strategy

  • Monitoring & Management of Cloud Applications

  • Identify Opportunities for Leveraging Cloud Computing