Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing campaign is positioned for maximum results with limited budget and our strategic reporting makes us the perfect digital marketing partner who will deliver results for all your digital marketing campaigns. We adopt a customised approach with each client to create a detailed strategy with the appropriate digital marketing services. We help you to grow your company with powerful campaigns. Our team of experienced digital marketeers ace committed to provide accurate marketing results to our clients.


We speacialise in
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is the most powerful tool to drive organic traffic to a website. With the advent of AI and Natural Language Classification Algorithms, SEO has become high tech. Modern day SEO needs Digital Marketeers to be on top of their technology and also ensure rich content is created to make crawlers and Google algorithms happy! M3I Solutions have one of the most tech savvy SEO team in Bangalore.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM): Our Search Engine Marketing includes Pay per Click (PPC) advertising through networks like Google, Bing and Yahoo to increase your ROI (Return on investment) within a reasonable time period that provides optimal results and endless return on investment to our clients.

We also excel in
  • Search Marketing: Branding

  • Search Marketing: General

  • Search Marketing: Landing Pages

  • Search Marketing: Local Search Marketing

  • Search Marketing: Mobile

  • Search Marketing: Public Relations

  • Search Marketing: Search Term Research

  • Search Marketing: Shopping Search Marketing

  • Conversion optimization : We refine the site’s user experience and conversion flow through A/B testing to increase the percentage of visitors that turn into leads.

  • Mobile marketing: Mobile is the present and mobile advertising will be bigger than all forms of advertising in the near future.

  • E-mail marketing: Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads and make your business take advantage of it. We undertake E-mail campaigns for our clients to engage with their target audience in an economical way.

  • E-commerce marketing: E-Commerce is a crucial part of business in today’s marketplace and possibly the only place for sellers to find their buyers easily.

  • Social media marketing: We use different social media platforms that connect with the right audience for your products and services. We provide social media marketing services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc...

  • Display advertising is one of the most effective tools for Ad Retargetting and we use this to our advantage to drive traffic and sales for our clients.